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The Second Guru Angad Dev Ji - Part I

Guru Nanak instructed Lehna to return to Khadur to instruct people in the ways of Sikhism. Here Lehna spent his time in prayer and serving the people. He distributed food to the poor daily. Longing to be with Guru Nanak he eventually returned to Karthapur where he became totally devoted to the service of Guru Nanak... 

Perfect Love

Herein is our love made perfect, 
that we may have
Boldness is the day of judgement: 
because as he is, 
so are we in the world...

Five Prayers

There are five prayers.

Each With Time and Name of Its Own.

First, Truthfulness.
Second, To take only what is your due.

God Is All Knowing

O People!

We created you from the same male and female
made you into
nations and tribes so that...

Moon Close to Earth

Its Atlantic ocean road in Norway

It has been prized for best road trip by BBC
Closer to the north pole, the moon looks like a big planet...